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Well it been some time since I have put on the Armor and completed a much needed troop. Today I trooped with the great people of Squad 7 and the Wolfson Children Challenge. This is an annual event and was my first. the crowed was big and were running all around. although it was cold out it didn’t stop the supporter of this event from turning out for the kids.

Here is a link to the event and everything they do to help the kids that are in need of wolfsons help.

Wolfsons Childre’s Challenge

here are some photos of the event.


Event Date was: January 28, 2017


Move along, No bunny business here. just us troopers have a good time on another St Augustine Easter Parade. Another 501st traditional march in the books.

Easter 1

Easter 2

Late evening Troop, they rock because the heatwave of he day is on its way out. This Troop was fun and allowed us to goof of a bit. the kids really had a good time and the cause made the evening worth the effort.


IMG_0755 IMG_0756 IMG_0758 IMG_0760 IMG_0763 IMG_0768 IMG_0769 IMG_0772 IMG_0773
IMG_0780 IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0811 IMG_0816 IMG_0753


Art Walk 04-06-2016

Blast for the Past, yep another great troop at the Jacksonville Art Walk. This is one of my favorite troops to do. it is also the hardest one to work into the schedule. But the pay off is a lot of people excited to see us and we really get to make memories with all who stop and get a picture with us.

DSCN1228 DSCN1227 DSCN1224 DSCN1226 DSCN1225


Sun, fun and kilts. that will always makes for a great troop. The 501st for another year help make this event fun and exciting for all who watched and cheered us on.

IMG_0518 IMG_0540 IMG_0543 IMG_0544 IMG_0547 IMG_0557

Great Chili Cook-Off

Pecan Park Flea Market

Had a good troop at the Great Chili Cook-Off. we walked the market and put smiles on faces of all the kids and adults lol. after they announced the winner of the cook off, we dressed down and went and had a chili taste test. it was very good. little warm out there but worth the troop.



12191047_759275517517878_5875606547020509355_n 12195962_759275520851211_19797313130945479_n

Support the Troops

Star Wars themed event for Veterans Weekend


It is going to support Combat2College which is a local veterans fundraiser that helps veterans, service members, and their families to resources in order to facilitate their success in post secondary education.


BlackFinn’s hosted this event for our military troops. we walked the room and took photo ops and shook hands as they celebrated the evening. After we completed out mission with the Military troops we stormed the rest of the location and mingled with the patrons that were also celebrating Star Wars Themed evening. The was plenty of Music and fun to be had. the patrons enjoyed the evening just as much as Squad 7 did. the was a fun troop.

01-IMG_0006 28-IMG_0053 27-IMG_0052 26-IMG_0051 25-IMG_0050 24-IMG_0049 23-IMG_0048 22-IMG_0045 21-IMG_0044 20-IMG_0042 19-IMG_0040 18-IMG_0039 17-IMG_0038 16-IMG_0033 15-IMG_0032 14-IMG_0031 13-IMG_0027 12-IMG_0025 11-IMG_0024 10-IMG_0023 09-IMG_0022 08-IMG_0021 07-IMG_0020 06-IMG_0019 05-IMG_0018 04-IMG_0017 03-IMG_0016 02-IMG_0015

Trunk or Treat 2015

Trunk or Treat Festival 

Another Halloween Troop in the book, this event was a fun one. we got to do a little role playing as caravans of hayride trucks brought trailer loads of people by our stage setup. Kids and adults would hope in the back of the trailers for a hayride that took them around a wooded area with 5 different themed settings. Each stop put on a little show for the folks and they enjoyed each stop as much as the next.

The riders were treated to a fun little show. we saw 34 hayrides go by for the 5 hour troop. It was nice and cool and the people really seemed to enjoy the event.


12066053_10207737007809891_4880332517361051697_n 11063822_10207737007289878_110770840315576714_n 12065542_10207737007249877_3088388161756841797_n 11752433_10207737007329879_4643937919492254397_n 12038001_10207737007369880_7493469051823789245_n 10534413_10207737007769890_6774961556428897533_n 12187661_10207737007969895_5217075198795103437_n 12043074_10207737007889893_4302458916924267971_n

CattyShack Troop 2015


Troop Date: 10-10-2015 and 10-11-2015

Another great troop at the annual Haunted Forest hosted by Catty Shack. I had two day of fun in the sun surrounded by the amazing animals they have there. The Kids that came all dressed up in costume enjoyed the day and evening. this is a great family place to bring your little ones around this time of year.

Can’t wait until next year!!!! see you there.

12107026_1632100620372926_8245116411136772983_n 12144745_1632100630372925_4433404202102373557_n 12074705_1632100640372924_7859269132083281796_n 12096057_10153041879267331_8740406386941640230_n


16-ACC2015BannerTroop Dates July 18-19 2015

Today warps up a two day troop at the Ancient City Con. It also was the first time back in my armor since late October 2014. It felt wonderful walking around the convention floor all suited up. There really is nothing like it. Even with my limited vision, watching the peoples faces both grown adults and young kids just put a smile on your face which no one will ever see.

There was a good turn out and the fan came all dressed up in their favorite cos-play costumes. The range of cos-play spanned so many things it would be hard to list. so I wont try but just to say there were a lot of costumes that people put a lot of work into.

I look forward to next years convention, I like the new location (Prime Osborne Convention Center) it has enough space for everybody and give us room to breath lol.. So keep an eye open for next years dates and see you there.

Enjoy the photos of a very small portion of what went on there.

01-IMG_3377 02-IMG_337803-IMG_3380 15-KilroyVader2 11-IMG_3393 14-KilroyVader 10-IMG_3392 13-ACC2015a 07-IMG_3385 06-IMG_3384 09-IMG_3387 04-IMG_3381 12-IMG_3395 08-IMG_3386



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