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I wanted to share with everybody the totals that the 501st , Florida Garrison and Squad 7 rose during 2013 for all the charities we have trooped for.

I try to document each troop I take part in but there are so many more troops that happen which raises money for so many charitable organizations That I am not a part of.

We are lucky enough as a group to do troops that are both fun like parades and then some that really raise money for people that are in desperate need of help.

This year the 501st  , Florida Garrison and Squad 7 did a bang up job helping out where we could and here are the numbers.

501st Legion Charity Total for 2013
Direct donations: $262,328.00
Indirect donations: $32,823,907.00

Florida Garrison Charity Totals for 2013
Direct Donations: $12,270.62
Indirect Donations: $4,409,498.50

Squad 7 Charity Totals for 2013
Direct Donations: $2,780.62
Indirect Donations: $470,858.92


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Mythbusters and the 501st Legion

Join the 501st on the Mythbusters as they show up on the show this season.

January 4th on Discovery

The 501st Legion will gain more national attention from the up coming season of the Mythbusters as some of the 501st members will appear on the hit TV show.

Mythbusters will be putting to the test some of the things we see in the star wars movies and to help them Star Wars up the place some very lucky 501st members will join in the fun.

Honorary member to the 501st Legion, Adam Savage and his co-host Jamie Hyneman looks into a galaxy far, far away to see if some of what we see in the movies can be busted as Myth’s. This episode is shaping up to be fun and educational for us all.

As for the 501st Legion, what great exposure to the global TV watching community. As a member it gives me great pride to see our brothers and sisters in armor on the TV representing the 501st legion with style and class.

The work that the 501st Legion does to help raise money for a long list of charities is sometime over shadowed by people who want to point only to the costuming part of who and what we are.

It’s true that our members has a love for Star Wars and costuming, but they also have the same passion to bring a little joy and entertainment to children and parents alike, by showing up in costume and allowing the families to excape from their daily troubles and smile for a change, if only for a short time its still means a lot to them.

It great when TV shows like the Mythbusters will allow groups like the 501st Legion to join in on the fun and help spread the message of the work that the 501st legion does each year. I truly believe the exposure that is gained when represented correctly will only help these charities in the long run. It also helps with recruitment to the 501st Legion as there are fans out there that are not aware that there is a club that embraces the movies as the 501st does and allows them to build a costume and become more then a fan, it allows them to live in that world and at the same time help raise money for people in need.

So buckets off to the Mythbusters and Adam Savage for this episode that’s coming. I know I thank you, I am sure the Legion thanks you and I hope the fans of your show will thank you for bringing something so awesome to your show.

Watch some video clips of the upcoming episode by following the links below.

Watch a small promo from Mythbuster website here: 501st and the Mythbusters

The 501st Legion website: here


Image Credits DCI
Copyright © 2014 Discovery Communications, LLC.

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FrontCard386One Anniversary as a 501st Squad 7 member.

After just over a year of working on my Stormtrooper armor I submitted my images for approval to the 501st legion. As with anything it took a few more submissions to get there but on November 16th, 2013 I got the Email. it Welcomed me to the legion and to Squad 7 my local Florida garrison. I was so excited for a project completed and a new phase in my personal life.

One Year later: So I have been a member for one year now, I have completed over 21 troops in that year and I could not be more happy with the decision I made to start this great adventure in my personal life. I have met some incredible people in this organization. I am always impressed when I see the people that give of their time to go and troop the events that we do. The passion for there work and their hobby, I was not sure how I would feel going into this about putting myself out there. people knowing that I was a Star Wars fan and even bought and put together a costume to wear out in public. I was unsure of the reaction, the labeling or the cost of respect from co-workers or you bosses and piers. But once I went out and trooped a few events and saw the impact it has on the children and their parents, my mind was put at ease and the response from my piers was acceptance and understanding. This made it a bit easier to proceed with this new adventure of mine.MOSH7

The Future: What does the future hold, well as for me it getting out there and Trooping more events as I can. I love the work that the 501st does and provides and I want to be part of that. So let see what year two brings me and the 501st.

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FoorballHelmet_black2webIt’s Squad Seven 501st Fantasy Football time.

Are  you ready for some Fantasy Football well so were some of the Squad 7 members, Some of the Squad7 members have started a Squad 7 Fantasy Football League this year. There are 8 team set to what seem an easy style of play format as most of us have no real idea how to do this. This is yet another way for our members to get together and get to know each other outside of trooping.

Draft Day, So we met today with our players scratched on paper and gathered up the list of players and positions and began our picks. It was an interesting mix of people and their knowledge of the players and some who like me have limited knowledge, picking and chatting our way through all our picks. we par-took in a lunch meal and marked off the taken players and plotter or guessed our why through our sixteen players for our roster.

I think most of us got a lot of what we wanted and some of us (BJ) kind of threw darts for their picks, so he will most likely win the whole dang thing.

So if you want to keep an eye on our progress just bookmark the follow link -> Squad7 FFL and you can keep up and watch all the excitement as the 2013 Squad 7 Season teams competes from week to week.

Follow the Florida Garrison thread that is linked to this years game right here –> http://www.fl501st.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=26914

Team and member names that are playing. you can click the team name and go directly to their page

1 EDGE merica number one East bradley edgin  
2 WOOD TK Troopers West Walter Woodruff    
3 MYN Outer Rim Mynocks East Joseph Coleman  
4 ARD Arkanian Dragon East Jane Smith  
5 ROGE TN GoodOleBoys East Curry Rogers  
6 BW Team Black Widows West Gina Franklin  
7 BJS7 Cotrscant Clones West BJ Savage  
8 LAWT Blitz’s Ewok Hunter West Michael Lawton  

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May the 4th be with you!!

That was the greeting of the day for most Star Wars fans on this day and it could be heard all day at the MOSH Sci-Fi weekend event. I had the great fortune to Troop on Saturday May the 4th at the Museum of science and History located in Jacksonville, Fl.

Group shot, I am third from the left

Group shot, I am third from the left. Click to enlarge.

This Troop would account for my 8th Troop as a 501st member (Brother). This day started rolling at about 8:00 am, and well it didn’t stop until about 5:00pm that day for me. By far this was the longest I had been in armor and let me say by 5:00 pm I was almost spent but I knew I had one more Troop to do on this day but that’s another blog, well the next blog in fact lol.

I didn’t know what to expect so I went into this troop with eyes wide open. After getting all the logistics completed of where to be and when to be ready I started putting on my Armor ready to head to the front lobby. A few other troopers and I headed to the front and saw about 20 people standing in line even with all the rain that was coming down on this overcast Saturday morning.

Faces lit up from young and old when we came around the corner and you could see from their faces they could not wait for the doors to open. Little kids would run up to the glass windows and wave and we would wave back. They would run to their parents and you can see them talking a mile a min. After about 10 min the staff opened the doors and as fans would want to do they proceeded to ask us for pictures and we were happy to do it.

It’s amazing the looks on the faces of both the parents and kids as they pass through the doors and sees us standing there in white armor; bring back memories for the parents and creating new one for the kids. Dads are every bit as excited as the kids, I even saw some mothers get a bit excited; sometimes they try and get the kids to take a picture with us. However like Santa some kids just don’t want to have any part of that. But for the most part the kids run up and the parents are happy and snapping away. Mosh11

After about 30 min or so we head back into MOSH to the second floor where the 501st booths are so we can do more meet and greets. The problem with that is you only get a few feet before more picture request is made and you get into your proper poses and let them have at it. After some time passes and a few dozen pictures are taken we are off again to the second floor. I had not been up there once the doors had opened so I was excited to see all the booths from both Star Wars, 501st and even dare I say Star Trek.

Waiting for the fans to show up.

Waiting for the fans to show up.

The best view when you get to the second floor by far is Roxy the Rancor. This girl is a sight to behold and if you ever get a chance you must go see her. The amazing amount of detail show the love, blood, sweat and tears put into creating this towering creature.  I have seen her twice now, in person and I am still at awe over the craftsmanship that brought her to life. Please if you get a chance go and see her, and I am sure you will be as awe struck as I when I first saw her.

Roxy the Rancor

Roxy the Rancor


Can you count the Nurf darts on this Trooper?

My day was going along fine as I talked with little kids and parents, stopping for more pictures here and there and then it was time to become a target of the masses. Yep it was my turn at Blast-A-Trooper. What is that you ask? Well it’s when I stand in front of a backdrop of the Death Star hall way and let anybody that wants to try and blast me with Nurf guns. Talk about drawing a crowed, who would pass up the change to Blast a Stormtrooper. Well as I quickly learned, nobody. For just about an hour I was the target of much joy to many that attended this wonderful event. The smiles, both happy and devious were on show as the kids picked up their Nurf Blasters and started blasting away. You would be surprised what areas of your body they like to target. Good thing are armor is plastic or there could be some real battle damage going on in the nether region. But all and all it’s a great time and the kids and parents really love this booth.

After being relieved of duty from the Blast-A-Trooper booth I headed back for some much need rest. I get a bit hot under all that armor and the bathroom was calling me so off I went.  Rested and hydrated I headed back to the floor for a few more hours of photo opts. Time passes and I start to wrap up my day and a welcome moment it was to shed myself from all that is the Armor.

In closing of this fantastic day of Sci-Fi fun I would really like to thank the MOSH for hosting this great event and allowing the 501st to become part of it. I would also like to say job well done to all the members who helped out in this event. You guys rock and make events so awesome it’s truly an honor to be a part of such a great group of people.

So if you missed out on all the fun, never fear I am sure MOSH will host this event yet again next year and I can’t wait to suit up and troop this wonderful event.

More Photo  enjoy





Here is one last photo of me and Lyndon (my son) who got to see me trooping for the first time.


Link you need to know

MOSH 501stSquad7 

Photo’s by: A whole host of people. If you see a photo you have take please let me know so I can give credit to you


Tabitha Woodruff

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Well everybody it was another amazing day for a troop. I headed down to the Jaguars stadium to get ready for a day of trooping for the Arthritis Walk. When I arrived volunteers were buzzing about getting all the booths setup and ready for the public. The sun started to peek over the rim of the stadium and knocked off the cool air and members of Squad 7 started to show up and we assembled in one of the halls that lead to the field.

You know how they say TV adds 5 or so pounds to a person, well I think the same holds true for the Jaguars football field. On TV when we are cheering the runner to run in for a touchdown it seems to take longer then we would like it to as the field (100 yards) it seems so very long. However when I walked out to the field it didn’t seem very big at all and I was surprised by that. Its was still an amazing sight being down on the field looking up to the seats.Photo6-001

We all dressed out and went to the field and was meet by the public and all the cameras that they could hold and photo opt’s O plenty. We mingled about for about 30 min and then the event heads introduced all the people that help fund and plan the day. After that they introduced us to an instructor that would have some of us troopers doing the Zumba on the field. I am sure we looked funny dancing and moving about but we did it and it was fun.

It was now time for the public to start the Arthritis walk by walking around the stadium a few time and we were dispatched around in places to help them stay on course. it seem an endless line of people walking by and then they did it all again.

Photo9Once we completed the mission assignment we walked around again for more photo opt’s and then headed back to home base and end our mission for the day.

I had a great time and the event was well done.

2013 Arthritis Walk Website

Photos by: Jacqueline Halle

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501st-Charity-Blog-Header-MASTERAccording to the 501st Legion charity tracker the 2012 numbers are in and we the 501st members help raised quit a bit of money for charities all around the world. Troopers take a moment to be recognized  for the tremendous work and time you have donated for so many that are in need.

Here are the numbers for this year.

Each year the 501st Legion members volunteer their time to attend a number of charity related events. In 2012 Legion members helped to collect over 198,000 Toys for needy and underprivileged families, raised $168,988 through our own fundraising efforts, attended events that helped to raise over $14 Million Dollars for charity. Our members donated over 4,747,325 ‘man hours’ wearing our Imperial Costumes all in the name of fundraising and charity!

Story source: 501st legion charity Tracker

Some of the charity work we do will not raise any money, but instead will raises ones spirits and hopes as was the case with Ethan as shown below. you can read about his story and how a few minutes of ones time can bring so much joy to another. just click the image below for the full story from my point of view through the lenses.

Some of us with Ethan

Ethan who has Cerebral Palsy enjoyed his 12th birthday with the 501st Legion

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star-wars-vii-has-its-director-jj-abramsJ.J. Abrams will direct the next “Star Wars” film for Disney.

There is so much I would like to say about this but don’t have the time right now to post all my thoughts. but please feel free to comment on your thought on the breaking news.

RebelForceRadioLogoFor more in depth information and conversation you can listen to my friends over at Rebelforceradio.com and get to hear from people that are close to the Star Wars franchise.

Listen to the latest update from RFR on this story. direct download

www.rebelforceradio.com / Facebook / Twitter

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and/or leave a comment on your thoughts about this decision.

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TK-4944 (JP Rivard) of the Canadian garrison is trying to be the first 501st member to actually make it into space. how cool would that be for a Star Wars 501st Stormtrooper to make it into space. Well in order for him to be that man he has to get as many votes as he can. So here is the link to his voting page, now click away and help get this Trooper in to space.

A word from JP

Hi Imperial Soldier,

AXE, the body product for me, has started the AXE Apollo Space Academy. Only 2 Canadian citizen will ha the chance to do the space Camp and make a real travel in space!


Together we ca unite to send the first Stormtrooper in space for real and maybe start to built the new DEATH STAR. Imagine a member of the 501st Legion in space, what a stunt we could do and the news could spread all across the world and give the Legion such a visibility. One of the first voyager in space can be a STORMTROOPER, a real Star Wars Fan!!


Go to this link: https://www2.axeapollo.com/en_CA/6212/jp-rivard

And click on “VOTE”
That’s it ! “

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Breaking News: A big announcement has hit the Star Wars fan universe today, Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank host of the number one Star Wars podcast called the ForceCast are moving on to do their own show titled Rebel Force Radio.

Monday Jimmy and Jason will officially announce the move and provide (we hope) more detailed information on the future of the Forcecast and RebelForceRadio.

The announcement was a shock to some of their biggest fans. Twitter, Facebook and other site were buzzing with the news. but most fans are holding a wait and see attitude before rendering judgement on what’s to come. There is much speculation on why they are making the move but so far they (Jason and Jimmy) have left us with just that speculations.

The Force Cast

I have listened to the ForceCast podcast for what seems 4 plus years. Jimmy and Jason have help keep my interest and love of Star Wars alive by listing to their weekly show. Jimmy and Jason produce a high quality show with exciting news and updates in all things Star Wars. They have interviewed many of the actors both from the movies and the Clone wars that were fun and insightful. The content of their show will not disappoint you and your love for the wars will grow with each and every episode.

The energy they both provide because of there passion for star wars is what helped me during my build of my stormtrooper armor. listing help keep me motivated to continue to work on it even when real life seemed to keep me away. I could always play the forcecast and the drive was back.

I encourage you to listen and join in the fun. As they have always said on the show. they will leave no fan behind and if you listen you wont be.


Website: Rebel Force Radio (Coming Soon)

Facebook: RebelForceRadio

Twitter: @RebelForceRadio

Rss Feed: FeedBruner – RebelForceRadio

ForceCast Links

Website: Forcecast

Facebook: Forcecast

Twitter: Forcecast

I will update this page as more information becomes available.

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