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Hello everybody, well I had been at a stand still for a bit but I am back on the project. I have ordered all the remaining pieces and have completed the top and middle parts of the costume as seen in the photo provided. I am now working on the leg pieces and for some reason I am struggling with this. I  just can’t seem to wrap my head around a starting point. but I will push on and try and get it done before the weekend is gone. My hope is to get the Armor completed and Accepted before the next Art Walk in Jacksonville, Fl but we shall see. The photo is kind of grainy because it was taken in low light on my Iphone 3GS. Ya i am getting the 4GS at some point as it has a better camera lol… So that it for now and i hope my next  post will me be in a complete Stormtrooper Aromor suite. From then on it will be post about Troops that I will be doing with images to go with them.

Take Care

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OK so it been a few weeks off the project. its been a few weeks of work and out of town travels but now things are calming down and I was able to spend some hours working the TK project. Tonight I worked on the arm pieces both the upper and lower and it seems to come together real well. Here are some images of what they look like and you will notice that one side is open and not sealed shut. I am trying to decide what i want to do with them so for the moment nothing has won. so I will be working on the leg pieces next so keep your eyes open for more images and updates to come.

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One piece at a time and tonight its the AB plate and belt. I have been working on it slowly the past few day and tonight I put the finial touches on it. now I will start working on the front and back chest pieces over the next few days. Things are coming together real nice and I am excited for what to come. so here are some images of what I completed tonight.

AB Plate Front

AB Back Plate

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Tonight I worked on putting the belt together and mounting it to the abdomen plate. This was a pretty easy part of the project. I just had to make some measurements, do a little paint work, hot glue and a few drilled holes and I was ready to attach all the parts together. this was rather relaxing and fun compared to the stress of putting together the Helmet.  Tomorrow I plan to complete the belt and trim out the Abdomen plate and then move on to the chest and back plates. No picture tonight maybe tomorrow.


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The Bucket is Complete

It’s June 26th one day after my 45 birthday and the bucket is complete. Wow I can’t believe that its done as it seemed that it was going to take forever. it’s a helmet right? how hard could it be. Well to do it right it’s slow going and a challenge that is worth all the work. being able to dawn the bucket after all that labor of love is worth every moment of the time spent.

I did have to enlist some help at one point as i got stuck for a solution for a problem and after 3 failed attempts i stopped and called for that help.

after a few min of head banging the problem was solved and we applied the solution and we were on our way. I was able to get going on my own and finish up today or really tonight. I am very happy with the results and I am excited to start the next phase and move ever so closer to completing the project. so here are a couple of photos of the bucket completed both static and dawned by me.

Now back to work…

The Dawning of my hard work the Bucket

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Trooper Lid almost complete

Well tonight I put the front on and I also put headgear back in the helmet. I also got the sides ready for mounting the ears guards on and glued the eyes lenses in place. it was a productive night and it looks good, not perfect but really good. I hope to complete the whole helmet by the end of the weekend but we shall see. Here is a current photo from what I have completed so far.

Putting the helmet together has been a challenge and required me to put aside the excitment of building this costume quick so i could wear it and has made take my time, lots of time but well  worth the time. I mean I am just now getting my helmet done and I have a whole body yet to put together.

so here I go working on more I will post  more later.

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So tonight I jump in head first. Tonight I will glue the back of the helmet to the top of the helmet.  Now this will be the first time I use a large amount of the glue. this is scary for me because its way to easy to make a mistake or make a mess of things. So as instructed I marked, measured and marked and measured and I did it one more time just to make sure I got it right. I stood there looking at the glue and the helmet pieces and steadied my hands then took a deep breath and off i went. I set pieces in place so when I apply the glue its a quick pickup and then set in place and hold tight for the duration of time it takes to dry.  below are some image of how it turned out. look OK to me so far.

Glued the back to the Hat

Back of the Hat image 2

Back of the Hat

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Well I have been working slowly on my project and its moving along piece by piece. One of the pieces i have completed was putting the gear in the top of the helmet or the Lid as i have heard it called.

installed the gear in the Lid

I also have gotten my boots and they fit perfect and they look great.

These Boots are made for Trooping

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I have completed the assemble and mounting of the Aerators/Hovi

Aerators/Hovi Assembled and Mounted

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