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Recruit Kilroy TK50167 reported for duty on his first troop.

Date: 11-30-2012
Location: Disney World in Orlando Florida
Mission: Troop the Disney Christmas Parade


Trooper Log:

The morning of the event me and trooper TK3054 teamed up and headed to our mission location. We arrived at the STOLport location and checked in with legion commanders shortly after we had our gear inspected by Disney K-9 security. We then stowed our gear and boarded a charter bus that took us to the back lot of Disney.

The troops gathered their gear and headed into the change room and began to gear up in our armor. The room looked like a dance studio with mirrors all around us. Once the armor was on we headed out to the back lot where we rehearsed a few time and then I was time to start the parade.

The gate opens I am located near the end of the line of four wide troops. The whistle blows and we start to march. My view such as it is was exciting as I marched through the gate and started to see faces from people clapping and cheering us on as we moved on by. Being this was my first troop as a 501st member I was both nervous and excited but I knew I was with a great group of people that would make me look good just by being there. We marched on until we hit the main street. The castle towering behind us and the parade fans lined the streets. The announcer shouted orders from the front and we proceeded to execute our routines as directed. After we fulfilled our orders we then were ordered to return to the staging area but do it in what’s now called a Trooper Jog. Something I have never tried they are asking us to run in armor. The moment the order came down I saw troopers in front of me check all their gear to ensure nothing fell off during the Jog. The whistle blew and we were off. We jogged the length of the main street and around the bend and through the gate. We could now walk back to the staging are where we changed back into our street cloths and loaded the bus and head back to our cars. Just like that we had completed our mission and we were done.

That’s it folks that’s a breakdown of how our day went and it was fun, exciting and I loved every minute of it. I will include some links to picture and videos at the end of this post including a picture that shows where I am at in the line.

Trooper out



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