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Breaking News: A big announcement has hit the Star Wars fan universe today, Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank host of the number one Star Wars podcast called the ForceCast are moving on to do their own show titled Rebel Force Radio.

Monday Jimmy and Jason will officially announce the move and provide (we hope) more detailed information on the future of the Forcecast and RebelForceRadio.

The announcement was a shock to some of their biggest fans. Twitter, Facebook and other site were buzzing with the news. but most fans are holding a wait and see attitude before rendering judgement on what’s to come. There is much speculation on why they are making the move but so far they (Jason and Jimmy) have left us with just that speculations.

The Force Cast

I have listened to the ForceCast podcast for what seems 4 plus years. Jimmy and Jason have help keep my interest and love of Star Wars alive by listing to their weekly show. Jimmy and Jason produce a high quality show with exciting news and updates in all things Star Wars. They have interviewed many of the actors both from the movies and the Clone wars that were fun and insightful. The content of their show will not disappoint you and your love for the wars will grow with each and every episode.

The energy they both provide because of there passion for star wars is what helped me during my build of my stormtrooper armor. listing help keep me motivated to continue to work on it even when real life seemed to keep me away. I could always play the forcecast and the drive was back.

I encourage you to listen and join in the fun. As they have always said on the show. they will leave no fan behind and if you listen you wont be.


Website: Rebel Force Radio (Coming Soon)

Facebook: RebelForceRadio

Twitter: @RebelForceRadio

Rss Feed: FeedBruner – RebelForceRadio

ForceCast Links

Website: Forcecast

Facebook: Forcecast

Twitter: Forcecast

I will update this page as more information becomes available.

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