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Image3Jacksonville Symphony Orchester – John Williams Spectacular – Star Wars

So for my tenth troop I suited up in armor to join my brother and sisters for the Jacksonville Symphony Orchester (JSO) for a night of John Williams music which includes sound tracks from movies like  “JawsE.T.: The Extra-TerrestrialSchindler’s List, as well as the Indiana Jones series, have won him multiple awards and produced best-selling recordings, and his scores for the original Star Wars trilogy transformed the landscape of Hollywood film music and became icons of American culture.” – John Williams Website.

OK, so this was like the coolest thing to do. I mean its not often you can put on your armor and be standing on stage looking out over a sea of people watching you as the music of Star Wars blasts through to them. They sounded so good I almost forgot it was live. People had smiles beaming from their faces as they watched us do our thing and we all had a good time doing it.

Here are more pictures and some notes at the bottom.


Group photo after the concert


All troopers on stage with Vader and Jedi in front of us.


Group shot after concert


Lady in the arrest position.


Small group shot


Me and everybody headed to the stage… where we will stand for 20 min


Vader taking over the show… Like always 🙂


Another Stage shot


Pesky Jawa’s disrupting the show by taking the conductors wand.

Photos by: Anita Hernandez

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