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06-Troop Dec 7 2013 020What another wonderful day for a Troop and on this day I would do two troops. First up was the Pecan Park Flea Market Troop. The second will be in my next post, where you can read all about it.

The troopers gathered up and we started walking about the grounds. One of the benefits here is being able to stay out of direct sun light. Walking undercover of the main buildings make this troop more bearable. On this day the weather was son nice even been in the direct sun was not to bad, although you would not want to stay out in it to long.

This venue provides us with a lot of photo ops and bring smile to all the kids and parents out shopping for good deals. We also were able to show up to a young mans birthday by the paint ball field that Pecan Park has. “I didn’t know they had one now” but it was full of people shooting paint at each other.

We trooped around and continued to do what we do best “show off in our costumes lol” and then we were provide some food and drinks as a thank you for trooping the event.

We closed out the troop with a few more photos and hand shakes and then were for off to troop number two for the day. Here are some photos from this troop.

02-Troop Dec 7 2013 003 03-Troop Dec 7 2013 012 01-Troop Dec 7 2013 001 08-Troop Dec 7 2013 027 11-Troop Dec 7 2013 033 07-Troop Dec 7 2013 021 10-Troop Dec 7 2013 032 04-Troop Dec 7 2013 017 05-Troop Dec 7 2013 019

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image8The December Art Walk was a success. The crowed was great and the weather, well it was ok. maybe a little warm once all suited up but we managed just fine tonight.

The crowed turned out  and the mood was upbeat and exciting.

The Art Walk is held on the first Wednesday of every month. So come on out and enjoy the sights and sounds, take a picture with a Stormtrooper or two and just enjoy an evening at downtown Jacksonville.

here are some photos from the night. Enjoy and remember you to can enjoy some Art Walk fun.

Image4 image3 image1 image2 Image6 Image9 Image 7 Image5

Photos by: Victoria Nelson – handler

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I know this is a bit late, but this and a few other post are going to be coming that are late to the game as well. sorry folks sometime real life gets in the way. but here you go.

star-wars-reads-dayStar Wars reads day at Book-A-Million.

This is a pretty big event for the 501st as we are spread out all around town at different locations to engage people at book stores around the city. Susie, Kyle and I were posted at the Atlantic boulevard Books-A-Million. This location had setup a table with Star Wars crafts and some treats for the kids to have.

I had a good time interacting with the kids and yes adults to as they walked around the store. we had a few kids come in costume which always makes this TK smile, even though you can’t see it lol.

Here are some images of the event and can’t wait until next year.

114_2340-001 114_2338-001 114_2337-001 114_2336-001 114_2334-001 114_2333-001 114_2331-001 114_2330-001

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FrontCard386One Anniversary as a 501st Squad 7 member.

After just over a year of working on my Stormtrooper armor I submitted my images for approval to the 501st legion. As with anything it took a few more submissions to get there but on November 16th, 2013 I got the Email. it Welcomed me to the legion and to Squad 7 my local Florida garrison. I was so excited for a project completed and a new phase in my personal life.

One Year later: So I have been a member for one year now, I have completed over 21 troops in that year and I could not be more happy with the decision I made to start this great adventure in my personal life. I have met some incredible people in this organization. I am always impressed when I see the people that give of their time to go and troop the events that we do. The passion for there work and their hobby, I was not sure how I would feel going into this about putting myself out there. people knowing that I was a Star Wars fan and even bought and put together a costume to wear out in public. I was unsure of the reaction, the labeling or the cost of respect from co-workers or you bosses and piers. But once I went out and trooped a few events and saw the impact it has on the children and their parents, my mind was put at ease and the response from my piers was acceptance and understanding. This made it a bit easier to proceed with this new adventure of mine.MOSH7

The Future: What does the future hold, well as for me it getting out there and Trooping more events as I can. I love the work that the 501st does and provides and I want to be part of that. So let see what year two brings me and the 501st.

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Birthday’s are always interesting troops. They are born from a fan boy/girls love of Star Wars and a loved one (his wife Tiffany) desire to bring Star Wars to life for them on there very special day and this troop was no exception.

John Kovac is no doubt a Star Wars fan boy, as evident by the plethora of collectibles that were scattered around the Cafe. The Cool Moose Cafe over on park street was the location that hosted this SW Surprise party. its a small two room cafe that was decorated from head to toe with anything and everything SW. We had Star Wars trilogy being projected to a big screen over the bar playing episode after episode. There SW buckets from all types of clone troopers deployed about the cafe along with light sabers of many types. we even had rings that looked like Storm troopers heads mixed with the chex mix in bowels setup on one of the SW covered tables. Needless to say there was Star Wars everwhere. now all we needed was some real characters to show up to make it perfect. That’s were the 501st comes in.

Once everybody from the 501st got to location we had a total of 2 Storm troopers, 2 Tie Pilots and one lonely Jedi. But wait! We were also join by Johns wife’s(Tiffany) brother as a Boba Fett, his name I did not get. We stood post near the front door as guest started to arrive and handed out black bead necklaces and homemade Styrofoam Lego looking light sabers. We greeted guest and took some pictures as we waited for the birthday boy to arrive which was just around the corner.

John, as he opened the door was greeted by two storm troopers one of which stopped him and slapped a set of binders on him then started to escort him around the room of guest. The surprise was a success, he, john claimed to be clueless to the event and its plans. John made his rounds hand shaking and hobnobbing with guest as they all started to settle in for a night of fun.

The 501st members started to move about and pose for photos and engage in chatter with other guest. reactions to our presents were mixed by the guest. some were very excited to see us and well some not so much. but in all we stood our post and brought to life the world of Star Wars for John.

The evening was a success for both the birthday boy and the two charities that would benefit from the guest. The host of the party asked each guest not to buy a present for John, but to bring a donation instead. as our time came to an end we were invited to stay and enjoy something to eat and hang out with everybody. We did stay for some food and a drink but this was Johns party with his friends so packed up and headed out leaving them to enjoy the rest of the evening.

All in all the event was a success. John got to enjoy all his friends and all his Star Wars props wrapped into a party he will remember for years to come. The party was able to raise $91.00 at the party and more to come at a later date.

This troop for me was an interesting one for the books and account for my 17 troop, that’s one more troop toward number 20.

I don’t currently have any photos of the event but as soon as I can get some I will post them here on the blog.

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What do you get when you mix Squad 7 troopers and bowling?

You get bowling pins cracking up….. laughing at such a site.

photo (34)

Yep it was Cosmic Bowling at Bowl-America were the  http://www.walk-of-hope-foundation.org raised over $1,100.00.  We greeted a crowed of fun and exciting families that were gathered to join us for the evening of cosmic bowling.

After posing for pictures and passing out high fives for the crowd, some of the troopers laced up some bowling shoes and settled in for a night of bowling. It was quite a site to see them grab a bowling ball and march up to the lane and with all the style and grace of a Stormtrooper, delivered a rolling blow to the evil pins at the end of the lane. you should see these guys and girls in actions, take a look at the video provided below.

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Art Walk, Down Town Jacksonville

Art Walk Jacksonville, Fl

It was an over cast rainy Wednesday afternoon, and I was head downtown to troop my first Art Walk in armor. If you have never been to the Art Walk you should, mark one of the first Wednesdays of any month in your calendar and head on down.

The Art walk will offer you 3 hours of the many faces of Jacksonville both in the Artiest and the fans that walk the closed off streets of downtown. There are many Artiest showing off their talents, Musicians preforming for the masses and all sorts of entertaining things to hear, see and eat.

On this night the 501st meet up at our new location, from what I understand it will be a new base of operations and in time we will setup a table and maybe even host a Blast-A-Trooper event. This will allow us to recruit new people into the fantastic community that is the 501st.

Our night began with everybody meeting up in our new home. It was still a bit rainy when we entered the building. After dressing out, we all headed out side and lingered with the cupcake ladies taking pictures as people passed by. Soon we began our march and the sky seems to clear right up. With the rain being held at bay, we trooped on to the park and the surrounding areas.Art Walk Jacksonville, Fl 1

The night was void of the normal crowd but it was a fun troop and we/I got to end the night with another troop under my belt and hung out with some great guys/gals.

So chalk up another successful troop for TK 50167…. Trooper out!!!

Links of Interest

Jacksonville Art Walk Website

Downtown Art Walk

Photos by: 904HAPPYHOUR.COM

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This weekend many American’s will celebrate memorial weekend in many different ways. This weeks troop was to celebrate and honor veterans from all branches of military. but this troop was more than that and caught me a bit off guard.


B.J. / Walter / Wolfgar

I first thought we were going to celebrate these men and women for their duty to our country. however it was deeper then that, I feel privileged to be able to help in some small way to bring levity to this group people that we were there to honor.

Heartland Hospice and the Jacksonville Fire Department hosted a movie screening of the World War II Veterans documentary called Honor Flight. Members of the community, as well as veterans were invited to the event and hope to raise money to be donated to the Honor Flight charity. This charity raises money to send WWII veterans to the WWII memorial in Washington DC.

As most of us know when Hospice is involved time is limited and special for families of the patient. What Honor Flight does is give a WWII veteran the opportunity to go and visit WWII memorial wall that was built in 2004, nearly 60 years after the war. There are approx 1 million WWII Vets still living and many never got to be honored for their duty. Heartland Hospice and Honor Flight helps to correct this by sending WWII vets to the wall so they can see and feel as though they were not forgotten.

130523E103VS 130523E100VS

So this troop even though it was a small event serves a huge service in honoring these brave men and women for doing what was asked of them. Among the vets that were there to be honored were two from squad7 who also were honored for their service. BJ and Larry both were invited to walked up and receive a Pin and thank you from the crowd.


Larry Franklin


B.J. Savage

it was a bitter sweet event to celebrate the WWII vets for their duty but also knowing their time was very limited here among us. That’s makes this troop a special on for me, one to remember, one to keep a hold on when I celebrate this memorial day weekend.


Links to note:  Honor Flight

Photogapher: Dan Van slyke,Jr. / Link to all the images

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May the 4th Troop – Murray Hill Theater

BJ and Walter On Stage with  the band The Blank Canvas - BJ on the left, Walter on the right

BJ (left) and Walter (Right) On Stage with the band The Blank Canvas

So after a loooong day trooping at the MOSH Sci-Fi event   I was getting myself ready for a late night troop at the Murray Hill Theater, someplace I had never be to before. I didn’t know what to expect, but the 501st was invited by a band called The Blank Canvas to join them at the end of the night to mingle with the crowd.

When I got there I realized that was a younger mans scene. But hey I was here for the long haul and little did I know at the time that I would be selected to jump on stage with the band along with BJ Savage.

We all were crammed into a small space called the Green Room which was really black in color lol. but there we were, waiting for our moment to shine, to hit the stage and show the younglings how to Rock and Roll. (looked like social zombie’s out there texting and what not)

When the time came we all headed out to the crowd,  BJ and I made it to the stage and rocked out with the band to about four songs, It was Fun, Hot and Awesome to do.  We ended the night by mingling with the crowd and taking pictures. All in all it was a great night but when we left that night around 12:00 or so this old man was ready for bed

< —– >

I will post more photos if I can find or get some at a later data. So Check back to see if there was an update.

also please comment on any of the pages you see, let me know what you think or if you have any questions. One last thing if you like it then like it up and give a page rating as well. it all helps and well makes me feel good lol..

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May the 4th be with you!!

That was the greeting of the day for most Star Wars fans on this day and it could be heard all day at the MOSH Sci-Fi weekend event. I had the great fortune to Troop on Saturday May the 4th at the Museum of science and History located in Jacksonville, Fl.

Group shot, I am third from the left

Group shot, I am third from the left. Click to enlarge.

This Troop would account for my 8th Troop as a 501st member (Brother). This day started rolling at about 8:00 am, and well it didn’t stop until about 5:00pm that day for me. By far this was the longest I had been in armor and let me say by 5:00 pm I was almost spent but I knew I had one more Troop to do on this day but that’s another blog, well the next blog in fact lol.

I didn’t know what to expect so I went into this troop with eyes wide open. After getting all the logistics completed of where to be and when to be ready I started putting on my Armor ready to head to the front lobby. A few other troopers and I headed to the front and saw about 20 people standing in line even with all the rain that was coming down on this overcast Saturday morning.

Faces lit up from young and old when we came around the corner and you could see from their faces they could not wait for the doors to open. Little kids would run up to the glass windows and wave and we would wave back. They would run to their parents and you can see them talking a mile a min. After about 10 min the staff opened the doors and as fans would want to do they proceeded to ask us for pictures and we were happy to do it.

It’s amazing the looks on the faces of both the parents and kids as they pass through the doors and sees us standing there in white armor; bring back memories for the parents and creating new one for the kids. Dads are every bit as excited as the kids, I even saw some mothers get a bit excited; sometimes they try and get the kids to take a picture with us. However like Santa some kids just don’t want to have any part of that. But for the most part the kids run up and the parents are happy and snapping away. Mosh11

After about 30 min or so we head back into MOSH to the second floor where the 501st booths are so we can do more meet and greets. The problem with that is you only get a few feet before more picture request is made and you get into your proper poses and let them have at it. After some time passes and a few dozen pictures are taken we are off again to the second floor. I had not been up there once the doors had opened so I was excited to see all the booths from both Star Wars, 501st and even dare I say Star Trek.

Waiting for the fans to show up.

Waiting for the fans to show up.

The best view when you get to the second floor by far is Roxy the Rancor. This girl is a sight to behold and if you ever get a chance you must go see her. The amazing amount of detail show the love, blood, sweat and tears put into creating this towering creature.  I have seen her twice now, in person and I am still at awe over the craftsmanship that brought her to life. Please if you get a chance go and see her, and I am sure you will be as awe struck as I when I first saw her.

Roxy the Rancor

Roxy the Rancor


Can you count the Nurf darts on this Trooper?

My day was going along fine as I talked with little kids and parents, stopping for more pictures here and there and then it was time to become a target of the masses. Yep it was my turn at Blast-A-Trooper. What is that you ask? Well it’s when I stand in front of a backdrop of the Death Star hall way and let anybody that wants to try and blast me with Nurf guns. Talk about drawing a crowed, who would pass up the change to Blast a Stormtrooper. Well as I quickly learned, nobody. For just about an hour I was the target of much joy to many that attended this wonderful event. The smiles, both happy and devious were on show as the kids picked up their Nurf Blasters and started blasting away. You would be surprised what areas of your body they like to target. Good thing are armor is plastic or there could be some real battle damage going on in the nether region. But all and all it’s a great time and the kids and parents really love this booth.

After being relieved of duty from the Blast-A-Trooper booth I headed back for some much need rest. I get a bit hot under all that armor and the bathroom was calling me so off I went.  Rested and hydrated I headed back to the floor for a few more hours of photo opts. Time passes and I start to wrap up my day and a welcome moment it was to shed myself from all that is the Armor.

In closing of this fantastic day of Sci-Fi fun I would really like to thank the MOSH for hosting this great event and allowing the 501st to become part of it. I would also like to say job well done to all the members who helped out in this event. You guys rock and make events so awesome it’s truly an honor to be a part of such a great group of people.

So if you missed out on all the fun, never fear I am sure MOSH will host this event yet again next year and I can’t wait to suit up and troop this wonderful event.

More Photo  enjoy





Here is one last photo of me and Lyndon (my son) who got to see me trooping for the first time.


Link you need to know

MOSH 501stSquad7 

Photo’s by: A whole host of people. If you see a photo you have take please let me know so I can give credit to you


Tabitha Woodruff

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