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May the 4th Troop – Murray Hill Theater

BJ and Walter On Stage with  the band The Blank Canvas - BJ on the left, Walter on the right

BJ (left) and Walter (Right) On Stage with the band The Blank Canvas

So after a loooong day trooping at the MOSH Sci-Fi event   I was getting myself ready for a late night troop at the Murray Hill Theater, someplace I had never be to before. I didn’t know what to expect, but the 501st was invited by a band called The Blank Canvas to join them at the end of the night to mingle with the crowd.

When I got there I realized that was a younger mans scene. But hey I was here for the long haul and little did I know at the time that I would be selected to jump on stage with the band along with BJ Savage.

We all were crammed into a small space called the Green Room which was really black in color lol. but there we were, waiting for our moment to shine, to hit the stage and show the younglings how to Rock and Roll. (looked like social zombie’s out there texting and what not)

When the time came we all headed out to the crowd,  BJ and I made it to the stage and rocked out with the band to about four songs, It was Fun, Hot and Awesome to do.  We ended the night by mingling with the crowd and taking pictures. All in all it was a great night but when we left that night around 12:00 or so this old man was ready for bed

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I will post more photos if I can find or get some at a later data. So Check back to see if there was an update.

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