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After being off the grid for 4 months I was able to jump back into armor and troop again. Life it just seems to get in the way of our fun sometimes. but this post is about the troop not me lol..

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Today I got the pleasure to troop at a place that I have never been to and sadly is only 2 miles down the road from me. Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife and Sanctuary.  How cool is this place, packed full of big cats and I mean BIG CATS…

This was a Solo mission today as other have done and it was a joy to take part in the festivities they were offering to all the customers today. I did as we like to do and that is to make new young star wars fans by shaking little hands and take many pictures for them to take home and enjoy.

after about 3 1/2 hours of trooping about watching the tigers and lions play about, I wrapped up my day and said farewell and was on my way.

This was a fun troop and hope to do it again when it comes back around next year. I was able to get some picture because a nice employee named Jennifer hind of was roped into handling for me for about an hour. She was very nice and explained some the history and events as we walked and took pictures with the customers. So thank you for your help Jennifer I really do appreciate it.

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