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Yoda_LukeOne of the things I love about the internet is the ability to kind of randomly jump around and find things that just hit you in a fun and exciting way. I am a fan of music of all kinds and I like to hop on YouTube and do searches of covers and just look for something interesting or different.

I have found people will put anything on YouTube and put themselves out there in all sorts of way. well during on of my click happy adventures on YouTube I was searching star wars songs and fan films when I ran across a video called “Feel the Force”. It stars Yoda giving Luke his Yoda like zen wisdom on Dagobah.

Sometimes some creative Person or people are able to blend the mix of music and sound bites that just sounds and feels right. For me with headphones on I can almost Feel the Force as Yoda imparts his Jedi Knowledge. I encourage you to take a listen and watch the video but put on some headphones and bump the volume a bit and enjoy this fine Zen moment. 

The remix as he calls them were created by John D. Boswell. His remix albums and body of work can be found under MelodySheep on YouTube.  here you can find other remixes  of all sorts. I found there were some of them I liked but nothing so much as this remix did.


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