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Hello everybody, well I had been at a stand still for a bit but I am back on the project. I have ordered all the remaining pieces and have completed the top and middle parts of the costume as seen in the photo provided. I am now working on the leg pieces and for some reason I am struggling with this. I  just can’t seem to wrap my head around a starting point. but I will push on and try and get it done before the weekend is gone. My hope is to get the Armor completed and Accepted before the next Art Walk in Jacksonville, Fl but we shall see. The photo is kind of grainy because it was taken in low light on my Iphone 3GS. Ya i am getting the 4GS at some point as it has a better camera lol… So that it for now and i hope my next  post will me be in a complete Stormtrooper Aromor suite. From then on it will be post about Troops that I will be doing with images to go with them.

Take Care

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Why would you spend the money, time and energy on a star wars costume? Why a stormtrooper? well there are a few reasons and this video shows one of the main reasons. The second is i am able to join the 501st a stand up group of people that have the biggest hart i have encountered in my life. They make me believe that the world is still fun of good, caring and friendly people in this world so full of anger. Third of course is I am a fan boy and I can’t wait to put on my completed Stromtrooper Armor and walk with the 501st. Lots of people work hard to volunteer their time helping people that are in need and most of the time it goes unnoticed. The power of the 501st is they get noticed and the Kids love them. it brings a smiles, fun and memories that they can take with them where ever their journey takes them. So take a peek at the video and watch it full screen and you should understand in part why I am so excited to join the 501st and wear my Stormtrooper armor to such important events.

Here is the video

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