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Today was Sci-Fi day at the Riverside Arts market and it would not be complete without the 501st being there.

Art Market 8-24-2013 009

Starting around 10:00 am members of the 501st converged underneath the Fuller Warren Bridge for another exciting day of trooping. Its was not long after everybody got dressed out that we were walking up and down the isle stopping for photo ops and high fives for the kids. This trip my step daughter pitched in as a handler for me and the help was wonderful. To date most of my troops have been with no handler my own lol. I have had help from others but this time I was able to get some photos of myself.

Art Market 8-24-2013 005

The crowd growing every bigger was filled with adults and kids dressed in costumes or just sci-fi swag. Smiles and laughter echoed all around us from underneath that bridge and song from the stage and it singer filled even more of the area. Lets not forget the smell of all the good food that was being sold.

Art Market 8-24-2013 012

after a few hours the heat had taken its toll on me and I headed back to the staging area. I wish I could of done more but I was wiped out. the heat this morning coupled with the humidity made it a tough troop for me. guess I am getting old after all lol. Victoria and I walked around for a bit long so people could get photos of me and even her. After we got back to the staging area I packed up and took my armor to the car and we headed back to the Art Market for some lunch and to walk around to view all the cool things out there.

Here is an image that was taking by Craig of Craig Hill Photography. this is a wonderful images of three troopers, I believe I am the out of focus one in the background. This image to me invokes a feeling of star wars. almost like we are planet side scouting  the area before we do the deed.

Craig Hill Photography

501st Troopers – by Craig Hill Photography

Please take a moment to visit his website



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Today on my 16 troop, handing out cards to all the little kids I saw something that one would have to know would come if you do this long enough lol… yep on the way out and heading home I saw one of my trading cards bent and discarded on the gound. Oh the horror!!! No really it was not that bad but it had to happen some day lol.

Art Market 8-24-2013 015

So all an all aside from my body giving way to the heat today we had a good time and troop. I plan to keep on Keeping on so keep an eye out for more posts to come.

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Another Troop down in the books or blog as it were. Tonight the Kids and I headed downtown for the monthly Art Walk. We got there around 6:45pm and I got dressed in armor and then headed for the long walk of high fives and photo opps.

photo (36)

I will not have any photos of me trooping tonight as there was no one to take them this time. however there was one fellow walking about that had these two amazing Stormtrooper Tat’s that I was able to have photographed, Loved them both

photo (35)

We made the rounds and visited with people for around two hours, we then headed back to the fire station where I shed my armor, gasped for fresh air then wiped the sweat off my face and called it a night.

So goes another Art Walk and a successful troop.


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Another fun troop for the books, today we were to crash a wedding reception as per a request from the bride. She let us know that her new husband was a Star Wars fan and wanted us to storm the party near the end of the reception. so we hid out in a brides room until the DJ started playing what some call “Vader’s March”.

The DJ spoke of feeling something in the force and felt at if they would be boarded. once the music started the door opened and we quickly with blasters in hand, moved about the place as if we were searching for something and then paused. the DJ then asked people to get up to dance which included us. we then walked around and posed for  photo with everybody.

The Groom was blown away and the Bride beamed with excitement.  The crowd went to startled fear, excitement and then joy as we moved about. So all and all it was a good troop.

I will add photo’s if we can get our hands on some. 🙂

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Well everybody it was another amazing day for a troop. I headed down to the Jaguars stadium to get ready for a day of trooping for the Arthritis Walk. When I arrived volunteers were buzzing about getting all the booths setup and ready for the public. The sun started to peek over the rim of the stadium and knocked off the cool air and members of Squad 7 started to show up and we assembled in one of the halls that lead to the field.

You know how they say TV adds 5 or so pounds to a person, well I think the same holds true for the Jaguars football field. On TV when we are cheering the runner to run in for a touchdown it seems to take longer then we would like it to as the field (100 yards) it seems so very long. However when I walked out to the field it didn’t seem very big at all and I was surprised by that. Its was still an amazing sight being down on the field looking up to the seats.Photo6-001

We all dressed out and went to the field and was meet by the public and all the cameras that they could hold and photo opt’s O plenty. We mingled about for about 30 min and then the event heads introduced all the people that help fund and plan the day. After that they introduced us to an instructor that would have some of us troopers doing the Zumba on the field. I am sure we looked funny dancing and moving about but we did it and it was fun.

It was now time for the public to start the Arthritis walk by walking around the stadium a few time and we were dispatched around in places to help them stay on course. it seem an endless line of people walking by and then they did it all again.

Photo9Once we completed the mission assignment we walked around again for more photo opt’s and then headed back to home base and end our mission for the day.

I had a great time and the event was well done.

2013 Arthritis Walk Website

Photos by: Jacqueline Halle

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501st-Charity-Blog-Header-MASTERAccording to the 501st Legion charity tracker the 2012 numbers are in and we the 501st members help raised quit a bit of money for charities all around the world. Troopers take a moment to be recognized  for the tremendous work and time you have donated for so many that are in need.

Here are the numbers for this year.

Each year the 501st Legion members volunteer their time to attend a number of charity related events. In 2012 Legion members helped to collect over 198,000 Toys for needy and underprivileged families, raised $168,988 through our own fundraising efforts, attended events that helped to raise over $14 Million Dollars for charity. Our members donated over 4,747,325 ‘man hours’ wearing our Imperial Costumes all in the name of fundraising and charity!

Story source: 501st legion charity Tracker

Some of the charity work we do will not raise any money, but instead will raises ones spirits and hopes as was the case with Ethan as shown below. you can read about his story and how a few minutes of ones time can bring so much joy to another. just click the image below for the full story from my point of view through the lenses.

Some of us with Ethan

Ethan who has Cerebral Palsy enjoyed his 12th birthday with the 501st Legion

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It’s Official

I give you TK50167 Stormtrooper

yep after 18 months of working on my TK Armor I finaly got it completed and photo submitted.

I was then dispatched an email welcoming me to the legion.

I started with this wonder box of plastic

TK Armor in a Box

To this awesome set of Armor



Now I am ready to server the Empire to the fullest.

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Hello everybody, well I had been at a stand still for a bit but I am back on the project. I have ordered all the remaining pieces and have completed the top and middle parts of the costume as seen in the photo provided. I am now working on the leg pieces and for some reason I am struggling with this. I  just can’t seem to wrap my head around a starting point. but I will push on and try and get it done before the weekend is gone. My hope is to get the Armor completed and Accepted before the next Art Walk in Jacksonville, Fl but we shall see. The photo is kind of grainy because it was taken in low light on my Iphone 3GS. Ya i am getting the 4GS at some point as it has a better camera lol… So that it for now and i hope my next  post will me be in a complete Stormtrooper Aromor suite. From then on it will be post about Troops that I will be doing with images to go with them.

Take Care

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One piece at a time and tonight its the AB plate and belt. I have been working on it slowly the past few day and tonight I put the finial touches on it. now I will start working on the front and back chest pieces over the next few days. Things are coming together real nice and I am excited for what to come. so here are some images of what I completed tonight.

AB Plate Front

AB Back Plate

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Tonight I worked on putting the belt together and mounting it to the abdomen plate. This was a pretty easy part of the project. I just had to make some measurements, do a little paint work, hot glue and a few drilled holes and I was ready to attach all the parts together. this was rather relaxing and fun compared to the stress of putting together the Helmet.  Tomorrow I plan to complete the belt and trim out the Abdomen plate and then move on to the chest and back plates. No picture tonight maybe tomorrow.


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So tonight I jump in head first. Tonight I will glue the back of the helmet to the top of the helmet.  Now this will be the first time I use a large amount of the glue. this is scary for me because its way to easy to make a mistake or make a mess of things. So as instructed I marked, measured and marked and measured and I did it one more time just to make sure I got it right. I stood there looking at the glue and the helmet pieces and steadied my hands then took a deep breath and off i went. I set pieces in place so when I apply the glue its a quick pickup and then set in place and hold tight for the duration of time it takes to dry.  below are some image of how it turned out. look OK to me so far.

Glued the back to the Hat

Back of the Hat image 2

Back of the Hat

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