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Another fun troop for the books, today we were to crash a wedding reception as per a request from the bride. She let us know that her new husband was a Star Wars fan and wanted us to storm the party near the end of the reception. so we hid out in a brides room until the DJ started playing what some call “Vader’s March”.

The DJ spoke of feeling something in the force and felt at if they would be boarded. once the music started the door opened and we quickly with blasters in hand, moved about the place as if we were searching for something and then paused. the DJ then asked people to get up to dance which included us. we then walked around and posed for  photo with everybody.

The Groom was blown away and the Bride beamed with excitement.  The crowd went to startled fear, excitement and then joy as we moved about. So all and all it was a good troop.

I will add photo’s if we can get our hands on some. 🙂

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