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Yoda_LukeOne of the things I love about the internet is the ability to kind of randomly jump around and find things that just hit you in a fun and exciting way. I am a fan of music of all kinds and I like to hop on YouTube and do searches of covers and just look for something interesting or different.

I have found people will put anything on YouTube and put themselves out there in all sorts of way. well during on of my click happy adventures on YouTube I was searching star wars songs and fan films when I ran across a video called “Feel the Force”. It stars Yoda giving Luke his Yoda like zen wisdom on Dagobah.

Sometimes some creative Person or people are able to blend the mix of music and sound bites that just sounds and feels right. For me with headphones on I can almost Feel the Force as Yoda imparts his Jedi Knowledge. I encourage you to take a listen and watch the video but put on some headphones and bump the volume a bit and enjoy this fine Zen moment. 

The remix as he calls them were created by John D. Boswell. His remix albums and body of work can be found under MelodySheep on YouTube.  here you can find other remixes  of all sorts. I found there were some of them I liked but nothing so much as this remix did.


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ForceCast.netTwas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a person was stirring  because of the Force Cast was playing and echoing all through the house.

yep if you like Star Wars and classic Christmas tunes well you will have to check out Decembers Galaxy of Music produced by Jimmy Mac from the Force Cast podcast.

I have been listen to the Force Cast for many years now and when Jimmy puts out a new volume of A Galaxy of Music I can’t wait to hit the play button.
so check out this Christmas volume and I think you will see why I look forward to hitting that button for each new volume of A Galaxy of Music.


A Galaxy Of Music Vol. 36: Christmas 2012

Link to A Galaxy of Music (The Christmas Version)

The ForceCast.net Website

ForceCast Podcast Mobile Apps:
Have the entire ForceCast archives at your fingertips, plus bonus shows and exclusive content!

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It’s Official

I give you TK50167 Stormtrooper

yep after 18 months of working on my TK Armor I finaly got it completed and photo submitted.

I was then dispatched an email welcoming me to the legion.

I started with this wonder box of plastic

TK Armor in a Box

To this awesome set of Armor



Now I am ready to server the Empire to the fullest.

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Why would you spend the money, time and energy on a star wars costume? Why a stormtrooper? well there are a few reasons and this video shows one of the main reasons. The second is i am able to join the 501st a stand up group of people that have the biggest hart i have encountered in my life. They make me believe that the world is still fun of good, caring and friendly people in this world so full of anger. Third of course is I am a fan boy and I can’t wait to put on my completed Stromtrooper Armor and walk with the 501st. Lots of people work hard to volunteer their time helping people that are in need and most of the time it goes unnoticed. The power of the 501st is they get noticed and the Kids love them. it brings a smiles, fun and memories that they can take with them where ever their journey takes them. So take a peek at the video and watch it full screen and you should understand in part why I am so excited to join the 501st and wear my Stormtrooper armor to such important events.

Here is the video

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Taking a break

As the title state its time to slow down. Take a day or two off and enjoy some entertainment. Working on this project as fun as it is can be a bit stressful when you get to a point where any modification you now make can have bad consequences if you make a mistake. This is why we slow down and take a breath. it’s so easy to get excited and work swiftly to try and complete the project but the instructions are clear “Slow Down” so that what i am doing now. I am at a point where every modification i make counts and is visible so i have to move slow and take my time.

So every second Wednesday of the month Jacksonville host the Art Walk downtown ( link provided below). The 501st always shows up down there to entertain the fan and meet new folks and spread the word. So i decided to head on down with Lyndon (the 4 year old) and Kat ( the step daughter)

Kat with a Trooper

to take in the the sights and sounds of the Jacksonville Art Walk. One thing for sure is there is not a lack of things to see both in the Art and the people walking the streets. its a strange feeling when you are walking down the street and you hear rap music on one corner and progressive on the other. you then round the corner and see other types of music being played. the air is just filled with worldly music and when you least expected you see Darth Vader and a troop of Storm Troopers escorting him down the street. how awesome is that, what a sight and all the other star wars costume that walk along side Vader. Lyndon was aw struck and wanted to shake all their hands. crowds of people start to line up for photos when the Troop comes to a stop. smiles and giggles abound, small kids to grown adults all taking in the sight and enjoying the evening.

Lyndon as IronMan

So we walked around and ended night eating some Viva Mexican food, yum and fun. Now i will take a few more day away from the project and hit it refreshed and ready to roll.


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The New Recruit,

I am working towards becoming a member of the 501st Legion as a Stormtrooper.  I have  purchased  my Stormtrooper armor and that is the first step to becoming a Trooper. Now I have to put it all together and submit my application for review.

I have put together this site to document the build of the costume and the process of getting accepted into the 501st (hoping  I make it). After that is all completed i will also post images and news of any Troops i go on with the 501st and any other interesting information about the life of a Stormtrooper. so check back from time to time and see how this Trooper is doing.

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