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Fun in the sun in St Augustine for the 2013 Easter Parade. Here are some photos of the day and It was great to Troop with the 501st and Squad 7.

image6 image9 image8 image5-001 image3 image1


Photos By Jacqueline Hallé

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Well everybody it was another amazing day for a troop. I headed down to the Jaguars stadium to get ready for a day of trooping for the Arthritis Walk. When I arrived volunteers were buzzing about getting all the booths setup and ready for the public. The sun started to peek over the rim of the stadium and knocked off the cool air and members of Squad 7 started to show up and we assembled in one of the halls that lead to the field.

You know how they say TV adds 5 or so pounds to a person, well I think the same holds true for the Jaguars football field. On TV when we are cheering the runner to run in for a touchdown it seems to take longer then we would like it to as the field (100 yards) it seems so very long. However when I walked out to the field it didn’t seem very big at all and I was surprised by that. Its was still an amazing sight being down on the field looking up to the seats.Photo6-001

We all dressed out and went to the field and was meet by the public and all the cameras that they could hold and photo opt’s O plenty. We mingled about for about 30 min and then the event heads introduced all the people that help fund and plan the day. After that they introduced us to an instructor that would have some of us troopers doing the Zumba on the field. I am sure we looked funny dancing and moving about but we did it and it was fun.

It was now time for the public to start the Arthritis walk by walking around the stadium a few time and we were dispatched around in places to help them stay on course. it seem an endless line of people walking by and then they did it all again.

Photo9Once we completed the mission assignment we walked around again for more photo opt’s and then headed back to home base and end our mission for the day.

I had a great time and the event was well done.

2013 Arthritis Walk Website

Photos by: Jacqueline Halle

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501st-Charity-Blog-Header-MASTERAccording to the 501st Legion charity tracker the 2012 numbers are in and we the 501st members help raised quit a bit of money for charities all around the world. Troopers take a moment to be recognized  for the tremendous work and time you have donated for so many that are in need.

Here are the numbers for this year.

Each year the 501st Legion members volunteer their time to attend a number of charity related events. In 2012 Legion members helped to collect over 198,000 Toys for needy and underprivileged families, raised $168,988 through our own fundraising efforts, attended events that helped to raise over $14 Million Dollars for charity. Our members donated over 4,747,325 ‘man hours’ wearing our Imperial Costumes all in the name of fundraising and charity!

Story source: 501st legion charity Tracker

Some of the charity work we do will not raise any money, but instead will raises ones spirits and hopes as was the case with Ethan as shown below. you can read about his story and how a few minutes of ones time can bring so much joy to another. just click the image below for the full story from my point of view through the lenses.

Some of us with Ethan

Ethan who has Cerebral Palsy enjoyed his 12th birthday with the 501st Legion

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Breaking News: A big announcement has hit the Star Wars fan universe today, Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank host of the number one Star Wars podcast called the ForceCast are moving on to do their own show titled Rebel Force Radio.

Monday Jimmy and Jason will officially announce the move and provide (we hope) more detailed information on the future of the Forcecast and RebelForceRadio.

The announcement was a shock to some of their biggest fans. Twitter, Facebook and other site were buzzing with the news. but most fans are holding a wait and see attitude before rendering judgement on what’s to come. There is much speculation on why they are making the move but so far they (Jason and Jimmy) have left us with just that speculations.

The Force Cast

I have listened to the ForceCast podcast for what seems 4 plus years. Jimmy and Jason have help keep my interest and love of Star Wars alive by listing to their weekly show. Jimmy and Jason produce a high quality show with exciting news and updates in all things Star Wars. They have interviewed many of the actors both from the movies and the Clone wars that were fun and insightful. The content of their show will not disappoint you and your love for the wars will grow with each and every episode.

The energy they both provide because of there passion for star wars is what helped me during my build of my stormtrooper armor. listing help keep me motivated to continue to work on it even when real life seemed to keep me away. I could always play the forcecast and the drive was back.

I encourage you to listen and join in the fun. As they have always said on the show. they will leave no fan behind and if you listen you wont be.


Website: Rebel Force Radio (Coming Soon)

Facebook: RebelForceRadio

Twitter: @RebelForceRadio

Rss Feed: FeedBruner – RebelForceRadio

ForceCast Links

Website: Forcecast

Facebook: Forcecast

Twitter: Forcecast

I will update this page as more information becomes available.

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Yoda_LukeOne of the things I love about the internet is the ability to kind of randomly jump around and find things that just hit you in a fun and exciting way. I am a fan of music of all kinds and I like to hop on YouTube and do searches of covers and just look for something interesting or different.

I have found people will put anything on YouTube and put themselves out there in all sorts of way. well during on of my click happy adventures on YouTube I was searching star wars songs and fan films when I ran across a video called “Feel the Force”. It stars Yoda giving Luke his Yoda like zen wisdom on Dagobah.

Sometimes some creative Person or people are able to blend the mix of music and sound bites that just sounds and feels right. For me with headphones on I can almost Feel the Force as Yoda imparts his Jedi Knowledge. I encourage you to take a listen and watch the video but put on some headphones and bump the volume a bit and enjoy this fine Zen moment. 

The remix as he calls them were created by John D. Boswell. His remix albums and body of work can be found under MelodySheep on YouTube.  here you can find other remixes  of all sorts. I found there were some of them I liked but nothing so much as this remix did.


Do me a favor and on the right side menu click on the Follow Me- TK50167 and add your Email so you can be notified when I add something new to the site. Thanks for supporting my Stormtrooper playground.

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Group Photo with 501st Members – I am on the right.

So for my 3rd Troop I was able to march in the Gator Bowl Parade in downtown Jacksonville. This was a mile long troop and it was packed with spectators on both sides of the street. This was my first parade since marching band in high school aside from the Disney parade which was more a production then a march and then it was not one on this level. I had a blast hanging with all the 501st members and learning what to do and not do. Everybody was friendly and helpful which is one reason I am proud to be a part of the 501st the people are very open and inviting.


Even the Empire has it’s cheerleader. black and white strips and me second to the right with pom poms.

This would be the first troop where I would run head on with photo fans. I had been warned that when you do a troop like this what would take 15 min to walk a mile could turn into an hour because of all the photo ops.


Yep that me with a pom pom cheering on the empire lol.. I am the one on the left

On this day the photo op’s  started the moment we hit the staging area. It seemed the cheerleaders like guys in uniform with all the photo request we got, I think they would be surprised to know there are some women under some of them buckets lol. but I was taken back by how a crowed of people will flock to you. I had seen it a little  handling for the Art Walk but this was a big crowd and were in the parade along with us. But it was enjoyable and interesting all at the same time.


Stand around waiting for the 3:00 pm step off for the parade. poor Vader (Michael Joiner) had to wear his helmet longer then the rest of us.


That would be me, Rob and Mongo (I think its Mongo) hitch’in a ride on the ST Augustine Ghost tours bus


here we are marching down the street. I would be the one on the left behind the young Jedi.

After standing around for an hour in costume we started lining up and I was lucky enough to march along side Vader. I stood to his right and tried to keep pace but being a first time and my own excitement I would tend to walk ahead of Vader from time to time and would have to slow down. I liked the fact unlike the Disney Parade that we could walk over to the fans and give high fives or a wave to the people waving back to you. some of the guys, the one who have done this for years really interacted with the crowed. they were great as they danced around and posed for photos but I was good to give high fives and try to keep pace with Vader. I must say for a mile long troop once we got started walking it didn’t take as long as I first thought. Before I knew it we were done and gathering up for some last min instruction.


This is me on the long walk back to our cars. I was walking with Mongo, Rob and a few others. we were all tired and ready for some water and shade.

Once the short meeting was done we had options to take a shuttle bus (with crowed) or walk back a few blocks from the parade. So I decided to walk the mile back and get back to the staging/parking grounds. It seemed longer walking back then the parade itself. The other guys were correct and I followed their lead whenever we got close to a crowed of people we put the helmets/Buckets back on and like clock work were stopped for photo. even being tired and feet hurting it was nice to stop and see the smiles on the kids faces as they got a chance to get a picture with a real life Stormtrooper.

I had a really good time at this event I was happy to talk with so many of the other members and I am still trying to remember all the names and faces.  So this was Troop number 3 and I plan to do many more so if you want to  read about my new adventures you can sigh up on right side of the menu bar. you will be sent an email anytime I post to this site.

Take care

‘Trooper Out


501st Members group photo with buckets on.

Photos courtesy of Rob Wojczyk

here is the “uncut” feed from the parade on Channel 4. Look for us just after the 36 minute mark…
http://www.news4jax.com/news/Uncut-Gato … index.html

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Ethan 11-year old , had his 9th surgery at Wolfson Children’s Hospital this past July

I got the privilege to  troop Ethan’s 12th Birthday party and it was great to be a part of and one to be remembered.

Here is a bit of the story as told by his Mother Jennifer.

“Dear Squad 7,
This past July, our 11-year old son Ethan, had his 9th surgery at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. He was born 10 weeks premature and, as a result, has Cerebral Palsy. He has had 4 major surgeries in the past 2 years alone! We are so grateful that this most recent surgery should be last for a very long time to come!

During the summer of 2010 Ethan watched his very first episode of Star Wars…and has been obsessed ever since! We are quite certain he could recite all 6 movies from start to finish! His love for all things Star Wars has become a family affair, including his 2 younger sisters, Emma 8, and Ella 5. We regularly attend Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, have many Star Wars character costumes hanging in closets, own all the Nintendo DS games (including Lego) and proudly sport our family of storm trooper helmet decals on the back of our minivan! All that to say, we wanted to send a note of appreciation for something you, Squad 7, did for our family.

While waiting in the waiting room at the hospital this summer, as we have become so used to doing, eagerly anticipating Ethan’s surgery to be over, we were given a very unexpected surprise!
We quickly felt as though we were in a scene of a movie when the elevator doors opened and out marched Darth Vader and some of his closest friends! Needless to say, we could hardly believe our eyes. We were beyond excited to take pictures with some of the beloved characters that our house has come to know so well!

We so desperately wished our precious Star Wars loving son could have been there, too! We were given a couple of James Hance’s adorable signed prints and Wookie the Chew book! Winnie the Pooh has long been one of Ethan’s favorites since he was a “youngling” :) so we knew he would be over the moon about seeing this combination!

When he was brought up to his hospital room after his surgery and recovery time, we shared with him the exciting news that Star Wars characters were actually in the same hospital that he was, showed him the pictures, book and prints. He was so thrilled at the thought of everything, even though he was unable to see you all in person, that we are confident it helped lift his spirits.

On behalf of our son and the other children at the hospital, thank you so much for using your time, talents and love, to come visit kids and families who need a little pick-me-up and smile!

May God bless you all!

Jennifer and Joel Weaver ”

Some of us with Ethan

Some of us with Ethan

Needles to say when we got to the party we approached the door with Vader leading the way. Vader knocked on the door and Ethan and family opened the door. Ethan’s face lit up with big smile and you could see the excitement as Vader wished him a Happy birthday. we all filed in one trooper after another and his eyes got bigger and bigger. We stayed and mingled with all the guest and took many photos for him to be able to look back on. One by one we wished him a happy birthday as we were leaving and we left him all smiles.

This was a great event for me and I am glad to be apart of making Ethan’s birthday on he will remember for the rest of his life.

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ForceCast.netTwas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a person was stirring  because of the Force Cast was playing and echoing all through the house.

yep if you like Star Wars and classic Christmas tunes well you will have to check out Decembers Galaxy of Music produced by Jimmy Mac from the Force Cast podcast.

I have been listen to the Force Cast for many years now and when Jimmy puts out a new volume of A Galaxy of Music I can’t wait to hit the play button.
so check out this Christmas volume and I think you will see why I look forward to hitting that button for each new volume of A Galaxy of Music.


A Galaxy Of Music Vol. 36: Christmas 2012

Link to A Galaxy of Music (The Christmas Version)

The ForceCast.net Website

ForceCast Podcast Mobile Apps:
Have the entire ForceCast archives at your fingertips, plus bonus shows and exclusive content!

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Recruit Kilroy TK50167 reported for duty on his first troop.

Date: 11-30-2012
Location: Disney World in Orlando Florida
Mission: Troop the Disney Christmas Parade


Trooper Log:

The morning of the event me and trooper TK3054 teamed up and headed to our mission location. We arrived at the STOLport location and checked in with legion commanders shortly after we had our gear inspected by Disney K-9 security. We then stowed our gear and boarded a charter bus that took us to the back lot of Disney.

The troops gathered their gear and headed into the change room and began to gear up in our armor. The room looked like a dance studio with mirrors all around us. Once the armor was on we headed out to the back lot where we rehearsed a few time and then I was time to start the parade.

The gate opens I am located near the end of the line of four wide troops. The whistle blows and we start to march. My view such as it is was exciting as I marched through the gate and started to see faces from people clapping and cheering us on as we moved on by. Being this was my first troop as a 501st member I was both nervous and excited but I knew I was with a great group of people that would make me look good just by being there. We marched on until we hit the main street. The castle towering behind us and the parade fans lined the streets. The announcer shouted orders from the front and we proceeded to execute our routines as directed. After we fulfilled our orders we then were ordered to return to the staging area but do it in what’s now called a Trooper Jog. Something I have never tried they are asking us to run in armor. The moment the order came down I saw troopers in front of me check all their gear to ensure nothing fell off during the Jog. The whistle blew and we were off. We jogged the length of the main street and around the bend and through the gate. We could now walk back to the staging are where we changed back into our street cloths and loaded the bus and head back to our cars. Just like that we had completed our mission and we were done.

That’s it folks that’s a breakdown of how our day went and it was fun, exciting and I loved every minute of it. I will include some links to picture and videos at the end of this post including a picture that shows where I am at in the line.

Trooper out



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It’s Official

I give you TK50167 Stormtrooper

yep after 18 months of working on my TK Armor I finaly got it completed and photo submitted.

I was then dispatched an email welcoming me to the legion.

I started with this wonder box of plastic

TK Armor in a Box

To this awesome set of Armor



Now I am ready to server the Empire to the fullest.

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